Arts & Culture


Women who contribute to the advancement of arts and culture, either as creative artists or by enabling others to further New Zealand arts and culture. 


Board & Management

Sponsored by DLA Piper


Women working in senior management or as directors whose influence extends beyond the confines of their role and incorporates the personal support and mentoring of others in their communities. Presented by DLA Piper.


Business Enterprise


Women who have substantially developed a business (must have been running for at least 36 months as at 15 July 2019) and led its strategy and direction, as an owner or an operator.


Community Hero

Sponsored by SKYCITY


Women working in community projects or campaigns in the not for profit sector, which may include health, local education, domestic violence, financial, literacy, cultural or ethnic diversity programmes.



Sponsored by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


Women whose advocacy has helped to create a more diverse workforce. This may include advocacy in the workplace, in government, lobby groups, or the community. Presented by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.



Sponsored by Massey University


Women whose work is having an impact internationally; New Zealanders whose influence is felt beyond New Zealand. Presented by Massey University.


Innovation, Science & Health

Sponsored by Mastercard


Women who are driving scientific, technological, or other significant innovation either within their business, academia, workplace or within the broader community. Presented by Mastercard.


Public Policy

Sponsored by the Ministry for Women


Women working in the public sector at either a local or national level who use their influence to work towards better social inclusion and equality. Presented by the Ministry for Women. 



Sponsored by Zespri


Rural Women who demonstrate leadership and a positive influence in rural communities and in the primary production sector. Presented by Zespri.


Young Leader

Sponsored by Bayleys


Aged under 25 (as at 15 July 2019) who demonstrate a capacity to act as a catalyst for change, and represent a new generation of leaders, who advocates for and gives a voice to younger women and their concerns.